Review: Honda Brio (2011)

New small 5-door Honda eco car on lines of Citroen C1, Suzuki Alto, with 90PS 1.2 litre 4-cylinder i-VTEC engine.

Ayuthaya factory severely flooded October/November 2011 and forced suspension of production.

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4 November 2013

Honda introduced a black-grey interior colour theme on its Brio and Amaze (Brio saloon) models in the Thal market. This latest darker interior theme has succeeded the regular dual-tone beige interiors,... Read more

1 June 2013

Spectacularly ugly 'Amaze' 4-door saloon version Brio introduced to Thai market. Read more

12 October 2011

The extensive flooding in Thailand that inundated 30% of the country put Honda's Ayuthaya factory out of action for 6 months from October 2011 to April 2012. Conseqauently, no Brio were produced in Thailand... Read more

Honda Brio (2011): At A Glance

The Brio is a small 5-door eco car from Honda, along the same lines as the Citroen C1 and Suzuki Alto. The Amaze is a 4-door saloon version. Built in India and Thailand for the RHD domestic markets there. No plans to import to Europe

Honda Brio 2011 Road Test and Video in Thailand

What does a Honda Brio (2011) cost?

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Honda Brio (2011): What's It Like Inside?

It’s impressively well put together, with very nice quality seating material and trim. The dashboard is simple, yet complete. The steering wheel is pleasantly chunky. The flat floor in the back makes three across a feasible proposition and there are seatbelts for five.

There’s not a lot of luggage space under the glass hatch, but enough for a town car, and the rear seatback flops down in one piece onto the rear seat cushions.

Child seats that fit a Honda Brio (2011)

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What's the Honda Brio (2011) like to drive?

It doesn’t have a lot of weight to haul along: just 920 – 950kg (the CVT adds 30 kilos). And consequently the combined fuel economy of the manual is rated at an optimistic 4.5 litres per 100km (63mpg).

Long gearing of 25mph per 1,000rpm in 5th prevents it feeling punchy. But it is very pleasant and very easy to drive. Nice seating position. Height adjustable steering wheel. Lightweight controls. No fake weighting up of the electric power steering. And very compact dimensions that make it excellent in traffic.