Review: Honda Accord (1993 – 1998)


Smooth, refined drive, with decent handling. Excellent four-speed auto. Generally very reliable if serviced on time.

Rust on bottom edge of rear wings could prove expensive. Potential glitch with electric front windows.

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12 March 1993

Accord saloons built in Swindon which also formed the basis of the Rover 600. 15' 4" long by 5' 8" wide and weighing 1,300kg to 1,400kg. Smooth Swindon built engines: 113 bhp 1.8 from March '96;... Read more

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Honda Accord - remote locking problems

We bought a 1995 Honda Accord recently, but we are having problems with the remote locking. The system works, but you have to point the key at the car at close range for it to work. Any idea what’s wrong?
Probably needs a new battery in the remote. Buy the battery, get it out of the packaging and change it within 10 seconds or the remote will lose its codes.
Answered by Honest John
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