Ford Focus ST (2015–2018)

What's good

Fast and affordable.

Available as a hatch or estate.

Diesel engine is the same price as petrol.

More refined than previous models.

What to watch out for

Handling can be unpredictable in the wet.

Diesel is economical, but lacks top end gunt.

Boot space is small compared to rivals.

5-5-2017: Report of creaking from around the driver door and offside rear passenger door area of "recently bought" 17k mile 2016 Ford Focus ST3. Speculate might be the seatbelt inertia reel winder/lock. Or might be some missed spotwelds in the B pillar.

13-3-2019: Problem with severely out of date mapping in Ford Sync 3 satnav. If you visit and enter your chassis number it tells you an update is required. It needs to be downloaded onto a USB stick and then loaded into the car. This takes a long time because the file is massive approx. (25GB). Enter chassis number bottom right, then it’ll find map update required and click ‘prepare maps download’ and then take it from there. This afflicts all Sync 3 sat navs to date.

10-10-2019: Report of cylinder head failure on 2015 Ford Focus ST at 30,000 miles. Needs a complete new engine, just 12 days out of warranty. New engine £6,500, but Ford will fit one for £2,500. Owner not happy.

4-1-2020: Report of sticking clutch pedal in 2017 Ford Focus ST. Requires replacement clutch master cylinder. Bought less than three months previously so dealer is liable even if car is out of its 3 year Ford warranty.

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