Review: Cupra Formentor (2020)

First standalone Cupra model.

On sale 2020.

Cupra Formentor (2020): At A Glance

The Cupra Formentor will sit above the Ateca as the firm's new flagship, plug-in hybrid SUV.

Named after a Spanish peninsula, the Formentor looks like a mixture of the Ateca and the new SEAT Tarraco SUV. It's a coupe-crossover, in the same ilk as the BMW X4 and Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe.

The interior is typical Volkswagen Group, aside from the leather-clad bucket seats and new 10-inch floating navigation system, the cabin is filled with dark plastics. Cupra is intended to provide a mix of premium and sportiness, and the Formentor's cabin reflects this.

It'll be powered by a plug-in petrol hybrid engine which produces a combined 245PS. That's less than the Cupra Ateca, but the firm says the Formentor will "surpass the performance expectations of the driver". In typical Volkswagen Group fashion, it gets a DSG automatic gearbox, while an intelligent Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) and differential lock will aid handling.

Performance and fuel economy figures are yet to be confirmed, but Cupra says the Formentor will be able to drive in pure electric mode for up to 31 miles.

What does a Cupra Formentor (2020) cost?