Honest John Awards 2018: Pick-up category

Popularity of one-tonne pick-ups has exploded in recent years, with buyers attracted by their rugged, go anywhere nature. However, while almost every manufacturer now has a pick-up in its ranks, only a select few make it on to the shortlist for an Honest John Award.  

As with all award categories, this shortlist is based on user visits to pages on Honest John Vans, That means they have not been chosen by us, but based on how popular they are with our readers over the past year.   

Isuzu D-MAX

Powerful, well made and simply laid out inside, the Isuzu D-Max has a workmanlike simplicity that is perfectly matched for hard work. All boast a one-tonne payload, while towing limits exceed three tonnes.

Fiat Fullback

The Fiat Fullback is a strong and capable one-tonne pick-up. Capable of carrying one-tonne payloads and towing huge loads, the Fullback has plenty to offer builders, engineers and farmers. It's well-equipped too, with Bluetooth, DAB, front fog lights, side steps and a host of safety kit as standard.

Ford Ranger

The Ranger is a rugged, durable workhorse built in the same mould as American pick-ups, with muscle car styling and a massive 3.5 tonne towing limit. Add in great off-road capabilities and few models come close to matching the Ranger.

Nissan Navara

The Navara is one of the most comfortable and refined pick-ups money can buy, while its lofty economy figures also make it one of the most affordable when it comes to running costs. Factor in its stylish exterior and large lay area and it's easy to see why so many people rate the Navara. 

Volkswagen Amarok

The Amarok is easy to drive, rides well and has a comfortable quality interior that matches the best of Volkswagen's car range. It's very easy to forget you're in a pick-up truck and comes with a 2.0-litre diesel engine that strikes a balance between economy and efficiency.


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