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If I take my car to France (it has to be done as will no longer meet ULEZ after April) do I need to register it there. And if so how long do I have to do it?
I am looking for a restored MG TF to ship to Thailand. Can you tell me the best place to search? I am living outside the UK.
My 10-year-old car has been in Spain for nine years and 11 months. I've lost the V5C, so what do I say at Dover when I try to bring it back to the UK?
I live in Portugal where buying a new car is extremely expensive. Do you know a broker that can supply a LHD, preferably a BMW X3 or Honda CR-V ,for me to buy in UK and export to Portugal?
I have the idea of a left-hand drive 2CV to take to France, with a view to parking at the airport and driving it on my monthly trips instead of hiring a car. Much better fun surely, but reliability? Is...
I shall be emigrating to Thailand in the next two years and would like to export my 2005 Ford Mustang GT that I have owned since new. I have tried to research the legalities and tax implications but cannot...
I am looking to sell my M5 and would appreciate your advice as to how much I should get for it and the best way to sell it. It was registered on 30 June 2006 and has currently just short of 47,000 on the...
We are buying a small property near Torrevieja, Spain and think we would like to have a small car to use during visits - about three times a year. We have heard that secondhand cars in Spain are very...
I want to export cars from your country to Lithuania. The cars have to be without tax and I want to find a dealer who can to sell to me.
I am looking to export my one-year-old Ford S-Max 2.5T to Singapore. Do you have any advice and can you recommend an agent to help me ship and import the car into Singapore?

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