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We have a Peugeot 206 HDi and we have never ever heard the fan cut in Is there a way of checking that the fan does cut in and what temperature should it come on?
I've heard a lot of comments about the 1.5 TSI engine in Volkswagen Group cars and hesitation problems. Other than that it would suit me well, probably in a Skoda Superb. What is the current state of affairs?
I've read that the engines in the Rover 45 vary in quality and that the Japanese engines were best? How can you tell? My parent's car is playing up and we're thinking of replacing the engine.
Is the engine in an MG ZT 2.5 the same as the engine in a Rover 825 Coupe?
Do you know where I can find a classic Saab 96 two stroke engine for restoration please?

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