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Most recently answered cooling fan questions
My van runs well and is very economical, however, it takes a long time to warm up and never reaches the normal mark on the temperature gauge. Is this a common problem?
I have a Ford Focus. The cooling fan starts when I open the driver's door and stays running all the time. Also, the temperature gauge stays on zero throughout any journey. Any advice?
We have a Peugeot 206 HDi and we have never ever heard the fan cut in Is there a way of checking that the fan does cut in and what temperature should it come on?
Should the fan run continually when the engine is running or only when coolant reaches a certain temperature?
Why does my Ford Fiesta keep overheating?
The emissions fix was completed on my 2011 Volkswagen Golf 1.6 TDI in March and, since then, fan has been working after stopping two or three times a week. Last week, the car went into limp mode and the...
This will be the third time I have taken my Volkswagen Golf to the garage that did the emissions fix. Is it normal for the fan to come on randomly (on short and long journeys)? I did get told the first...
I have a Peugeot Partner 1.6 diesel. The cooling fan is not working at all. I've checked all the fuses but they're fine. What should I do?
Since I had the emissions fix done I've had numerous incidents of the engine or fan running on after switching off the engine and removing the key from the ignition. This has never happened before, is...
Since having the emissions fix on my Volkswagen Passat, I noticed the fan running for twenty or so seconds after I had switched off and locked the car. It sounded so loud and I've never noticed it before.

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