Ive just had the emission fix done - is it normal for the fan to run after I've turned the ignition off?

Since I had the emissions fix done I've had numerous incidents of the engine or fan running on after switching off the engine and removing the key from the ignition. This has never happened before, is it to be expected?

Asked on 2 March 2017 by Stephen G Hall

Answered by Honest John
The reason for that is the DPF is working harder, creating a lot more heat. There is a trade-off between NOx and soot. Less NOx, more soot. So that meant the DPF has to work harder. VAG says they used newer technology to compensate for the extra fuel used by the DPF and this is confirmed by official German KBA tests that insists the engine delivers the same power and torque without any increase in fuel consumption and CO2.
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