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Most recently answered catalytic converter theft questions
I recently bought a 2017 Honda Civic Tourer and have read about the thefts of catalytic converters from the Honda range. Is this model susceptible to this type of theft?
I have a very low budget as I'm studying at the moment. I need a relatively roomy car as I have two young children so need space for a buggy and shopping. I would like low tax and my budget is £1600. I...
Should I get a catalytic converter lock from Lexus for £300. I have a 2016 Lexus CT but wasn't sure if this model was affected or whether it is worth the cost. Please advise me.
Is my 2019 Honda Jazz Sport vulnerable to having its catalytic converter stolen?
I am thinking of buying a new Lexus RX450h. Is catalytic converter theft a problem with these cars or is it solely a problem on older Lexus models?
I had my catalytic converter stolen. Should I have to pay the excess when it wasn’t my fault? My insurance company says it’s regardless of fault.
I recently had the catalytic converter stolen off of my Honda CR-V. I've looked for an anti-theft locking device to put on the replacement system but can only find devices suited for vans or Toyotas. Any...
We had the catalytic converter stolen from our 2007 Honda Jazz on our doorstep last night at 6:45pm, whilst we were home. They drove off as soon as we got out after hearing some metal cutting sounds. CCTV...

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