How can I secure my car's catalytic converter from theft and is it likely to be stolen?

Like many people, I am alarmed by the rising number of catalytic converter thefts and the cost of replacement with having to pay the excess on any insurance if this were to happen to me. I have a 2013 Toyota Aygo. How can I secure the catalytic converter from theft and is it likely to be stolen?

Asked on 10 May 2021 by Ian Juniper

Answered by Georgia Petrie
Unfortunately, there doesn't always seem to be much of a rhyme or reason to these types of theft — which makes them hard to combat and difficult for us to offer solid advice on. Firstly, cat. converter theft can happen to anyone. The precious metal in the exhaust systems of hybrids and PHEVs makes them especially vulnerable but thieves are also opportunistic — meaning we've had theft reports from all sorts of car owners. Some newer hybrids also have less precious metals in the exhaust systems to make them less of a target.

I believe Toyota manufacture their own Catloc, though it's not free. The catloc can make theft more difficult but thieves are using high-powered cutting tools to remove catalytic converters and because of this, it is not possible to make catalytic converters completely unstealable. A Catloc simply makes it harder to steal a catalytic converter, slowing thieves down and acting as a deterrent. If you're interested in having a Catloc fitted, it's worth ringing your local Toyota dealer. You can read more here:

The likelihood of theft really depends on the model, the area you live, where your car is parked overnight etc. Toyota may tell you your model is low risk too. The thing we're seeing now, though, is older cars are being targeted more because they're less likely to have security measures fitted — so it's really a decision you should make based on your own situation. If you live in a quiet residential area, park off-road and have some security in place — i.e. motion-triggered floodlights — you may find you aren't much of a target. Does this mean your catalytic converter won't be stolen? No. After all, sometimes thieves even steal cat. converters in broad daylight at supermarkets. However, it does mean that you're less likely to be a victim of those type of theft. Parking on-road overnight in a busy area? Probably best to get some extra security in place.

More info on how to avoid catalytic converter theft here (on our parent site, heycar):
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