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Which models are most targeted for catalytic converter theft?

I've had my catalytic converter nicked twice now, unfortunately. Once on a Honda Accord and just before that on a Civic. I want to know what makes and models are less likely or impossible to target?

Asked on 22 June 2021 by Yitzchok

Answered by Georgia Petrie
Unfortunately, we don't have that information. There doesn't always seem to be much of a rhyme or reason to these types of theft — which makes them hard to combat. Cat. converter theft can happen to anyone really. The precious metal in the exhaust systems of hybrids make them especially vulnerable but thieves are also generally opportunistic — meaning we've had theft reports from all sorts of car owners (classic cars, older convertibles, new hybrids etc). Some newer hybrids also have less precious metals in the exhaust systems to make them less of a target. Other carmakers have taken a different approach, for example, versions of Honda Jazz models from 2008-onwards, are designed to house the catalytic converter where it can’t be reached by thieves - with later versions having the catalytic converter bolted directly to the engine inside the engine bay.

The likelihood of theft really depends on the model, the area you live, where your car is parked overnight etc. The thing we're seeing more of now is older cars being targeted because they're less likely to have security measures fitted, too. More info on how to avoid catalytic converter theft here:
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