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I'm desperately looking for a new car and am going to see av Volvo V50 1.8 SE 5dr Petrol 2005 05 with 71,000 miles and 3 past owners. It has has service history from main dealer and part service history...
I have recently purchased a 15 year old 1996 P Jaguar XJ Executive from an elderly gent who has decided to hang up his driving gloves. The car has full service history and is in excellent condition (a...
Do the new petrol Golfs have chain cam engines?
I know the Mitsubishi Outlander has several diesel versions. I refer to the 2.2 PSA diesel with SST automatic as in the JURO model. Is this engine belt or chain cam?
I dropped you the info about my VW cam-belt change on Friday FYI in respect of correspondence in various quarters about the sudden change to 4yrs/60,000 due to service failure of the plastic jockey wheel,...
Car salesmen decline to confirm whether models are chain or belt cam. They are unwilling to disclose how much it will cost to replace belts at 50,000 miles or on five year old car. This leads me to...
Does the SAAB 2003 Convertible have a timing chain or timing belt; NB after a 2007 model Any problems to look out for?
I have a 2005 Jaguar S-Type 2.7 diesel. Can you tell me if it has a cambelt or chain?
Is the latest Golf GTI 2.0 petrol engine chain cam? Is it exactly the same engine in the Audi TT and VW Scirrocco?
I am going to look at a MINI Cooper Diesel 08-plate this afternoon, I was just wondering if this engine has a cambelt or is it a chain? If it is a cambelt what mileage would it need changing?

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