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Most recently answered small vans questions
What small van would I be able to buy for £1500 - £2000?
I want to buy a small petrol van. I need it to be big enough to sleep in the back occasionally (I'm only 5'4 so doesn't need to be very long). I'm about to open my own business, so I'll sometimes need...
What's the best small van that will fit a trials bike (approx 6'2 long)?
I have 2010 FIAT Fiorino MultiJet. It will turn over with the key and will start if push started, but will not start with the key.
I purchased a new Citroen Berlingo van last week, I noticed it was pulling to the left, I have driven on the right hand side of the road and it pulls to the left. I notice it because I am having to put...
I'm looking to try buy a small/medium van to use as a electrician diesel £750-£2000 budget What van is likely to be fairly cheap to run and maintain? Two seats is fine, an option with three seats would...
Can you tell me if van tyres are worth the extra cash? They are more expensive than car tyres, but look the same.
Can you tell me if there is van available that does not have a DPF? I drive 10 miles per day, with the odd run of 35 to 60 miles every six weeks.
Are SUVs and light vans subjected to the same safety requirements and crash tests as cars?
I have often read in your column of the shortcomings of diesel engines when used for frequent short runs, particularly the huge expense of replacing a DPF. I am in the process of a career change, becoming...

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