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I need your advice on the most reliable pick-up truck. What model would you recommend?
I've found what looks like a great deal on a van (2017 Renault Trafic, 20,000 miles, £14,250). Is there anything in particular I should be looking out for? Any alarm bells or questions to ask?
I am considering buying a 2015 Ford Transit Connect 1.6 diesel with 57,000 miles on the clock, I have noticed that it has had a new clutch at 47,000 miles, is this something to be concerned about? Is there...
I need to buy a newish Euro6 van. Should I buy a diesel or petrol?
I work with a charity sports group. We are looking to buy a nine (or larger) seater minibus. Our budget is £12,000. Will be doing 300-mile round trips a few times per month. What do you suggest?
Which do you think I should be looking to buy, a Mercedes-Benz Vito or Volkswagen Transporter? I will be keeping the vehicle for approx 10 years.
I’m going to buy a 2016 Nissan Navara. How much it would cost for me to upgrade it for the London ULEZ?
I'm a dry stone waller looking to replace my Ford Ranger pick-up with a smaller, more economical van. I need petrol as I don't do huge mileages day-to-day. I need three seats and the ability to occasionally...
I'm in the process of looking for a small van and not sure what make to go for. I want something reliable as I would be using it to do vintage markets. I would also want something that I could convert...
Could buying a low mileage, ex highway maintenance vehicle, be a good buy? It’s a 2008 Ford Transit, high top, medium wheel base that’s done 77,000 miles.