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If I buy a car through a broker and the supplier is some distance from my residence do I have to take it back there for routine servicing and more importantly for repairs etc under guarantee?
I am about to get my Kia Soul serviced. If I do not use a main dealer will this cancel my seven-year warranty? What would a main dealer charge?
My Kia Carens is due for its first MoT. Do I need to take it to a Kia dealership or can I take it to my local garage without invalidating the warranty?
I have recently purchased a three-year-old Toyota Auris. Do I have to have it serviced at a main dealer to keep the remainder of the warranty or can it be done by any garage?
Is it true that to ensure the validity of a vehicle's three-year warranty, you have to have it serviced by the supplying main dealer? I've just bought a 12 month old Jaguar F-Pace with two years warranty...
I own an Audi Q3 and there is slight wheel spin causing judder when setting off or turning out of junctions - but not all the time. Is it something to do with quattro 4 wheel drive or S tronic Gearbox?
I was advised by my local Audi dealer to change the cam belt on my five-year-old Audi A3 with 32,000 miles on the clock, so I booked it in for this and a major service. Instead of having the car returned...
My nephew's car suffered body and wheel damage while it was left for a routine service at a garage. He noticed the damage when he was collecting the car, and although they didn't deny the damage happened...
My car is due its first MoT and I'm taking it to an official dealer for a service and MoT. The MoT alone is £53 and on top of that they are adding a complete change of brake fluid as well as the service....
I have been quoted £300 for a first service (10,000 miles) on my 2017 Audi A1 1.0 TFSI by my Audi dealer. I can't go to another garage as it is still under warranty. Do you think this is about right?

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