I was sold a car that still legally belongs to the previous owner - what do I do?

I bought a car from a major dealership and informed them it would be used as a taxi. I told them I needed to book the car in for its taxi test in five days, which they said was fine and that the car would be ready the day before. I booked the test and arranged the insurance to start from the day I picked the car up. I handed back the taxi I was renting off the taxi rank, informing them that I would no longer require it as I would have my own car in a couple of days. Two hours before I was due to pick the car up, the dealership rang me to say they hadn’t got the logbook. They couldn't tax the car, I couldn't take it off site. I now have no car and it’s booked in for the test. The taxi rank have let my old taxi out for rent and haven’t got another vehicle for me. The DVLA have told me that it's six to ten weeks to be able to tax a car without a V5. So, basically they sold me a car that - as far as DVLA are concerned - still belongs to the previous owner even though he traded the car in with the dealership for a new car. Where do I stand?

Asked on 17 April 2018 by Steve reynolds

Answered by Honest John
Entirely the dealer's responsibility to keep you on the road and working or compensate you for loss of income until the new car is registered to you and tested. Inform them that if they do not supply you with a car that you can use as a taxi you will use Small Claims to sue for consequential loss of income: www.gov.uk/make-court-claim-for-money
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