We sold our car to a garage but they won't send us the money - what do we do?

We took my wife's car to Evans Halshaw on 27 December 2017. They appraised the car and made an offer, which we accepted. We completed all the paperwork, and were guided through the process by the salesman. A week after they issued the signed purchase invoice, they are refusing to pay unless we give further evidence of my wife's address. They have a passport, the V5 and a copy of her bank statement , printed in the dealership, as requested by the salesman. They have the car - the V5 has been sent to the DVLA, they have all the information we were asked for at the dealer. How can we get our £5000? I believe we have a valid contract.

Asked on 4 January 2018 by Peter Fazal

Answered by Honest John
Presumably the V5C had your wife listed as the keeper. There must be a misunderstanding. Simply ask them what further form of documentation they require to prove your wife's address (a driving licence would do it). If this is not forthcoming, send them a letter by Post Office Special Delivery that if they do not pay you the £5000 within seven days you will issue proceedings against them in the Small Claims Track of the County Court. Keep a copy and staple the certificate of posting to it so it becomes a matter of record for the court.
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