My insurance was cancelled because my black box wrongly recorded me speeding - what should I do?

I had a black box on my old car, but I recently went and got a newer car on finance. I used my old car as part of the deposit and told my insurance company. They told me to remove the black box, wrap it in a tea towel and place in the glove box. I did that, and now my insurance is cancelled because I was wrongly registered as speeding by my black box.

Asked on 9 April 2018 by Sophie

Answered by Tim Kelly
The box needs to be professionally fitted, otherwise any information it transmits may not be reliable, credible information. It's very easy for a black box to loose a signal (they work on 3G phone data). If it loses signal, it then looks like you've teleported through time and space (often registered ridiculous speeds). There have been multiple cases like this reported to Watchdog and we wrote about on reported to us here:

Raise a complaint and ask for them to provide all the data from the box. It is their responsibility to ensure it is fitted correctly, not yours. I cannot see how it can work if it was wrapped in a tea towel and placed in your glovebox. Also take the claim to the Financial Ombudsman.
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