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Our car was stolen while we left the keys in to defrost it - can we claim for any damage?

Our car was stolen a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, it was during the icy weather so we were defrosting the car. We left the keys in it for a few seconds to retrieve gloves from the house. A car drove up, a guy jumped out and got into our car. As the keys were inside the insurance company wouldn't pay out and we had to settle the car finance in full ourselves. The car has now been recovered (it was involved in a crime) and we now need to pay to get it back. There is some damage to the car, both windscreens are smashed, and from what we know some minor (hopefully) bodywork damage. However, as the insurance never paid out, would we at least be able to try for the windscreen repair on our insurance? I know we need to phone them and ask but would like some sort of idea as to how likely that might be or what we should expect from them.

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Good question. Technically, you can claim because it's a separate provision of cover on your policy and is not classified as a claim. There should be no reason for it not to be covered.
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