An elderly relative's renewal premium is sky-high - what can we do to lower it?

An elderly relative (86 and in good health) has been quoted a renewal premium of £1562 by Lexus, with whom he has been for some years, for his 2009 Lexus RX450H Hybrid. He drives no more than 5000 miles per year. His Excess is £500, comprising £300 compulsory and £200 voluntary. In August 2017, he had a minor 5mph collision (the other driver claimed against him), following nine claim-free years. His policy is “NCD protected”, but last year his premium rose by 25 per cent to £1142, and this year by a further 33 per cent to £1562. I appreciate his age may go against him and realise that “NCD protected” does not always mean what it appears to say. That said, this appears to me to be a ridiculously high premium and I would be grateful for any suggestions you may be able to offer, in terms of where he might obtain better value for money.

Asked on 29 January 2018 by Nev Green

Answered by Tim Kelly
Have him retake his driving test, or do the Institute of Advanced Motoring Advanced Driving Test. Both Should significantly reduce the premium. Definitely shop around and change insurers because that is a very very high quote. I cannot advise specific companies to provide cover, as the cover is dependent on your specific needs. Have them put a younger (middle-aged driver on the policy as well). It doesn't matter whether they actually drive the car or not, it will still bring the premium down.
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