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My car was recently damaged and the other driver's insurer have offered to repair it - should I take them up on the offer?

I wonder if you could advise on an insurance claim situation. Our Audi Q3 was damaged in a car park, whilst I was in the shop. When I returned to my car a gentleman approached and apologise that he had hit my car, damaging a door and front side panel. It was decent of him to do that, and we exchanged details. I'm with Audi Insurance, he's with Royal Sun Alliance. RSA then called me - before Audi Insurance called me back - and said that their client admitted responsibility and offered to repair my car, without paying any excess. They have repeated the offer in an email, but I haven’t taken up this offer until I speak with Audi. My first thought were to let Audi deal with everything. However, providing they arrange the repair with a reputable firm, it seems that them doing the work is convenient and we haven’t had a claim on our insurance? Are there any issues in getting RSA deal all this?

Asked on 22 January 2018 by RJW_Suffolk

Answered by Tim Kelly
Yes, there are some drawbacks. If your vehicle isn't repaired to your satisfaction, then you have no recourse for a complaint. You can't go to the Financial Ombudsman Service, or the Legal Ombudsman. Use a claims management company, solicitor, or Audi. Deal directly with RSA as a last resort. If you do use RSA, have the vehicle repaired at your repairer. You choose where and how your car gets repaired, not the insurer.
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