My wife caused minor damage to another car, but the claim shows £1600 of damage - can we ask the owner to get a second estimate?

My wife grazed a BMW while pulling out of a very tight parking spot at a BMW garage. She thought it was very minor and might even just polish out. The same day, a quote came through from BMW at £1600 - involving lots of dismantling, reassembling, new parts (+ car care kit and ‘sundries’). We want to put it right for the driver and had intended just to do it outside of an insurance claim (I know we may still have to declare it on a renewal), but the quote seemed out of proportion. Is it reasonable for us to ask the owner to obtain a second quote from a reputable independent who would use BMW parts where necessary?

Asked on 4 December 2017 by

Answered by Tim Kelly
What you are experiencing is what it actually costs to repair a vehicle, rather than what you think it costs to repair a vehicle. Imagine if the situation was the other way round. You can ask if they could get you another estimate, but they do have the right and entitlement to have the car repaired where they wish. Unfortunately, if your wife damaged the other vehicle, you are liable for whatever it cost to repair that damage back to it's pre-accident condition at retail rates.
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