My premium increased after a no-fault claim - can I recoup that from the at-fault party?

A couple of days, after my insurance renewed, I noticed the insurer hadn't included a no-fault claim on the history of the second named driver on the policy. My wife and I both have policies with the same insurer, which renew on the same day. The insurer had included the no-fault claim on my wife's policy but not mine. When I added it to my policy, I got charged an extra premium of £42, which doesn't seem fair given that the policy is being loaded due to a no-fault claim. Is there any mechanism by which we can recoup that from the at-fault party? To clarify, the additional cost was additional premium, not an admin charge.

Asked on 13 November 2017 by Daddy Pig

Answered by Tim Kelly
Yes you can, you need to claim it back from the at-fault insurer with prospective increase's for the next five years as an uninsured loss. You need to claim this back from your legal assistance on your policy if you have it, or through a claims management company or solicitor.
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