I'm buying a car that's had no tax or MoT for five months - could there be any financial repercussions?

I'm buying a Suzuki Wagon R+, which belonged to the deceased dad of the seller. It's been left on his drive. Tax and MoT ran out in June and it isn't SORN'd. He's getting it MoT'd tomorrow. Will the MoT have to be backdated to June? I will tax and insure it at the same time. Will the seller have to pay tax between June and now if it's still registered in his dad's name? If it's registered in the seller's name, could there be any financial comeback on me for unpaid tax and MoT?

Asked on 15 October 2017 by Noura

Answered by Honest John
The MoT will run from the date you have it done. The vendor (or the vendor's estate) might be liable for VED from the point it ran out. You are only liable for VED from the beginning of the month in which keepership transferred to you.
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