Someone hit my car with a shopping trolley - are they liable for the damage?

Someone let his shopping trolley run free, which hit my tailgate causing £500 worth of damage. A witness saw what happened and took note of his car reg as he drove off. I've asked the DVLA for his details as well as the police and insurance company, but no one will supply me with any information so that I can take him to a civil court. Can you help?

Asked on 15 September 2017 by John Cook

Answered by Tim Kelly
You're unfortunately stuck. As this wasn't a collision involving a vehicle, you have no entitlement to his name, address or insurer. It's a civil matter where he has caused damage to your property, rather than the use of his car too. What you can do is try and claim off the supermarket, as they may be liable whilst your vehicle was on their premises. It would then lie with them to try and trace the owner. But I think you'll probably be flogging a dead horse.
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