Daughter was involved in a no-fault accident - is a notification only or no-fault claim best?

Someone has reversed into my daughter's car while she was stationary in car park. It caused £300 of damage to her car. We have notified her insurer, who are processing it as a no-fault claim. However, from what I have been told by her insurer so far, once the other driver has accepted liability, we can change the incident to 'notification only' which might be cheaper in the long run as her renewal premiums will go up either way. I'm very frustrated by her insurer as the advice changes depending on who you speak to - and I keep speaking with different people. What would you recommend?

Asked on 1 September 2017 by Mrs Judith Bryant

Answered by Tim Kelly
My Advice would have been to not go through your daughter's insurers in the first place. But, as you now have, you cannot go back. Make sure you have gone through her insurer, as they may have put you through an accident management company. If they have, your daughter's policy should be on a notification purpose only. If they have not, and you are claiming via the insurer, make sure that the insurer does not load the policy in any way. Should they suggest they will, you need to claim this as an uninsured loss from the at fault party's insurer. Your daughter's premiums should not go up in any way.
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