Should the supplying dealer pay for a new tyre after unusual wear was found on my BMW 3 Series?

I bought a 58-plate BMW 3 Series convertible in December 2010. I took it into a BMW dealer for an oil and brake service, where they told me there was wear on the offside tyre on the inside edge and it needed replacing. Ive only done 5000 miles since picking up the car. The BMW technician at Chester told me this was 'unusual' wear, normally associated with running with a flat tyre. I have never run with a flat tyre nor had a puncture in this tyre. I believe this wear was there when I picked the car up and suspect the car was not checked properly. No one would ever have noticed this unless the car was on ramps. The dealer does not want to know as nine months have elapsed. Have I any grounds here to get them to pay for the tyre and alignment check?

Asked on 1 September 2010 by PeteBod

Answered by Honest John
You might have damaged it on a kerb or speed hump or pothole. It's too difficult to prove that the damage was present when you bought the car.
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