I hit a leased car and caused minor damage - can the lease company insist I use a Volkswagen approved garage?

I bumped another car when reversing at less than 5mph. I don't wish to go through my insurance company as the damage is very minor and I don't want it to affect my No Claims Bonus. I suggested I pay for the damage out of my pocket and get the other car fixed by my local garage. The third party is happy with that but because his car is leased, the leasing company says I must use a Volkswagen approved garage. Can they insist on this? The damage is very minor, just a scrape of paint and a tiny ding.

Asked on 7 August 2017 by Toasted Sue

Answered by Honest John
As the vehicle belongs to the leasing company, yes. They can insist where it is being repaired as it is their car and they will wish for it to maintain the Volkswagen warranty. If the other party is happy to have someone else repair the car, should it not be repaired correctly, then he would be liable for the rectification of it at the end of lease.
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