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A car indicates to turn left so I pull out and we collide - who's at fault?

I come up to a T junction and stop. I look left and right, there is a car coming from the right with his left-hand indicator on. I assume he's going to turn left into the road I'm exiting so I pull out and he doesn't turn left. We collide. Who is at fault?

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Technically you, with the possibility of split liability. Never ever pull out just because someone is indicating in, you always have to ensure your path is clear prior to proceeding. I'm not saying this is a fraud case, but it is one of the most common ways of committing it. They can simply advise they were not indicating and you pulled out. Then you're 100 per cent at fault in the eyes of the court and the insurer. You would need to prove he was indicating to have any attempt at success.
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