Someone claims I damaged their car - but I think this is fraud?

Someone claims that my son had hit the car door into his wing mirror and damaged it, but he didn't even get out on that side of the car. It happened in a car park with CCTV. How can I get access to this and prove it wasn't me? He made me feel obligated to give him my drivers licence and he took a picture of it.

Asked on 7 June 2017 by Amina

Answered by Tim Kelly
Contact your insurer and advise you feel that you are going to be subject to a fraudulent claim. As this has happened on private property, it is very very hard to prove. Was the other person in his car at the time the "alleged" incident occurred? if he was not, he cannot prove it. As for the CCTV footage, you have not said where it occurred. If it was at a supermarket, contact the security or customer services. If it was in Council owned property, contact the Council.

If it was on a private car park and you paid to park there, you have a contract in place, contact the land owner. If you did not pay, still ask ,though there is no obligation in any way for them to provide. Never ever provide a copy of your driving licence. Only ever give either contact details or your insurer details.
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