Why has my insurance premium increased because someone walked into my car?

I'm being asked for double the money to insure my car because my grand-daughter, who is fully insured, was driving and a pedestrian walked into the side of the car. The gentleman said it was his fault and has not made any claims. I'm paying almost £500 for a little Ford Ka. Is this fair and how long will I be penalised for this accident?

Asked on 30 May 2017 by mildred wallace

Answered by Tim Kelly
Unfortunately, in UK law, the driver of a vehicle is always liable in an incident involving a pedestrian, even when it isn't your fault. I can't advise whether the amount you're are paying is reasonable or not, that would be like trying to advise whether your shopping bill was too much without knowing everything you bought. Any claim will be on your daughters records for six years, but should only be taken into consideration for three. Your granddaughter does have the right to claim for the increase in premium from the pedestrian for the loss she has incurred as a result of his negligence if the incident was his fault. Though I'm completely against the actions the insurer are taking, they will see your granddaughter as being an additional risk having been involved in an incident. What she should do is complain to the insurer and the financial ombudsman service.
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