I'm concerned about the gearbox in my recently purchased Ford - what should I do?

I recently purchased a 2014 Ford B-MAX through a main Ford dealer. However after reading reports about the auto box I am a little concerned. The car has done less than 3000 miles with no problems at all. Although I only got a pathetic 30 day guarantee, I am worried about future issues with the gearbox. I understand Ford has issued an extra six year warranty regarding this auto box. But I have heard nothing from Ford. What's your view?

Asked on 30 May 2017 by Mr Paul

Answered by Honest John
It has the 6-speed twin dry clutch Powershift transmission that has been plagued with clutch pack failures and led to recalls, protests and anti-Ford demonstrations throughout the world. Ignore the 30 day warranty from the Ford dealer. He remains liable for any fault that could have been present or developing on date of sale for 6 months from date of sale so you at least have that protection. Ford has been repairing these transmissions up to five years old Free of charge.
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