I bought a car that's unfit to drive - what can I do?

I bought a car advertised as 'drives great'. On my way home from buying it I found it a death trap at higher speeds and a mechanic checked it and said it is unfit to drive due to recalls not being addressed and hidden damage that make the car unsafe to drive. What can I do?

Asked on 5 February 2020 by Jody scott

Answered by Dan Powell
Did you buy the vehicle from a private seller or a car dealer?

If from a dealer, you will be able to reject the car for an automatic refund: the 2015 Consumer Rights Act theoretically gives you the statutory right to reject a used car within 30 days of purchase if any fault is found.

Private, you have fewer rights because certain parts of the Consumer Rights Act do not apply. For example, the car does not have to be in a satisfactory quality or fit for purpose. However, the seller must accurately describe the car, such as the number of previous owners. They must also not misrepresent it, for example not disclosing that it has been involved in an accident or providing a false service history.

For your consumer rights, see: www.honestjohn.co.uk/how-to-reject-a-car-your-cons.../
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