Can I get my car repaired by the insurer, even if the repair costs exceed the value of my car?

I've had a car accident that wasn't my fault. Can I insist on having my car repaired, even if the repair costs exceeds the value of my car? I really want to have my car repaired rather than have it written off. I know I can buy back the car and have it repaired privately, but I want the insurer to pay.

Asked on 26 May 2017 by williejoe

Answered by Tim Kelly
The answer depends on the vehicle. If the vehicle is not a one off, then the answer is no. The insurer is only liable for repairs to your vehicle "up to" the market value. Have your vehicle inspected by an independent engineer, speak to him and advise that you do not wish to have your car dealt with as a total loss. He may by using Non Original parts or Green recycled parts be able to keep the repair cost to less than the market value. If you do this, then you be able to have your car repaired.
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