A cyclist without a light collided with my car - who's at fault?

I was going through a mini roundabout at about 10pm when a cyclist banged into my driver's side door. I stopped and got out to see what happened and saw a cyclist with no light. I asked if he was alright and at that point we didn't exchange any details as we agreed to not go to insurance. But there was another car that was a bit further from the roundabout that claimed I was at fault and the cyclist should claim. We both agreed that he didn't have any light on so we weren't going to claim anything. Today I received a call from the insurance and he claims that he got in a very severe accident with my car and he has two witness (the other car driver and his wife). I don't know who is at fault.

Asked on 15 May 2017 by Shaz

Answered by Tim Kelly
Tricky situation as in UK law you are always liable for a personal injury claim if you have an accident with a cyclist or a pedestrian. Speak to your insurer and advise them that you wish to counter claim for the damage to your vehicle. They then cannot prejudice your position by admitting liability. It sounds like you have been set up. Never ever say you do not need to take the details of the other party or agree to not take any action. Contact the police and see if he has reported it, advise your insurer that you believe you are subject to a fraud being committed on you and you wish them to act.

Aside from that, contact the ABI insurance fraud cheatline www.insurancefraudbureau.org/cheatline/ and IFED www.cityoflondon.police.uk/advice-and-support/frau...x
You will need to leave the rest up to the insurer to carry out their investigations.
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