Can I reject my new Toyota C-HR for a windscreen fault?

My lovely new Toyota C-HR's windscreen developed a crack whilst sitting on the drive overnight. I took it to the dealer and after a few days was informed that it would be fixed under warranty. However, this took four weeks to get done, during which time I found a C-HR forum and was horrified to find numerous posts from other owners who had the same thing happening. I spoke to Toyota UK who admitted to a manufacturing problem, but I am disappointed that this issue has spoilt my experience of an otherwise wonderful car. I'm worried that the fault may recur. If it does, would I be within my rights to reject the car and ask for a refund?

Asked on 10 May 2017 by David Holland

Answered by Honest John
Yes, you would be within your rights to reject it if this turned out to be a fundamental flaw. Might simply have been a problem with the glass fitted to early cars. But, of course, a bonded windscreen is a structural part of the car.
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