Can I get a refund from the dealership who mis-sold me a damaged Renault Captur?

I bought a year old Renault Captur at the weekend and it appears to be a nice, well-kept car. However, driving it home I noticed what looked like specks of dirt on the centre of the windscreen. On Monday morning I tried to clean them off and found they were actually small abrasions in the glass. They are in the field of vision and I also know that these things tend to weaken the glass/grow bigger with time. Right now though, they are just annoying. I have not been able to phone the dealership but sent them an e-mail. They have not yet replied, so I have chased it up with another. Where do I stand with this issue?

Asked on 10 February 2017 by Tania Hewitt

Answered by Honest John
You demand a new windshield or you demand your money back. Simple as that. See:
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