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I wasn't told my new car was modified and now I can't get insured - what do I do?

My son bought his first car, a Hyundai i10 Premium, on finance. The car came with black alloys and a carbon fibre black roof and tints in the back all done by the dealer. Now, a month after purchase when the insurance company came to fit a black box, they're saying it's a modified car so the insurance company won't insure it. We feel very misled and wouldn't have bought it if I knew I couldn't insure it. What's the best course of action: going to the finance company or the dealer? Where do we stand legally?

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Legally you have no recourse with either the finance company or the dealer unless they specifically told you it was standard and you would have no issue insuring it. It's up to yourself to make sure you can insure it before buying it. Even though the dealer fitted these items, it does not mean they are manufacturer options. If they are not from the manufacturer options list, then they would be seen as modifications. If they are from the manufacturer, you can go back to the insurer and advise they are not modifications. Having just been on the Hyundai configurator it does appear they are not from Hyundai.
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