I sold a car to customers who now want to reject it after crashing it - what are my rights?

I am a car dealer and have recently sold a car to someone (about two months, three weeks ago). They have never contacted me until yesterday 10/08/2010 .They emailed me saying that they wanted to reject the car because it is using lots of oil. They have taken the car to a main dealer who is trying to frighten them into spending £4000 on a new engine. Also in the email, they have told us that they have a crash in the car and it is now repaired. I am more than happy to collect the car and have the problem sorted out. Where do I stand?

Asked on 11 August 2010 by jenson1cars

Answered by Honest John
If they have crashed the car then you don't have to take it back. The only way they can force you to take it back is if it is in the condition in which you sold it to them. It could well be that the crash caused the oil problem. If you think you need legal advice, consult lucy.bonhamcarter@autolaw.co.uk
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