What car will cope best with our potholed laneway?

We're in the market for a new or nearly new Volkswagen Golf-sized hatchback, SUV or estate. We drive roughly 10,000 miles per year, mainly on country roads with just a bit of town driving. We want a comfortable, reliable, durable and refined vehicle from a premium or just sub-premium manufacturer. The complicating factor is the lane to our house; a quarter of a mile of intensely potholed track. We're fed up with the crashing and banging from the suspension of our 2011 Volkwagen Golf TDI as we drive up and down this. What vehicles would you recommend we look at?

Asked on 4 March 2017 by David Clark

Answered by Honest John
Your smartest buy (though entirely status-free) is a Dacia Duster 1.2 TCe 125 4x4 that comes as standard on beefy, deep profile semi cross-country tyres: www.honestjohn.co.uk/road-tests/dacia/dacia-duster.../ You won't believe how much you get for so little.
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