A driver almost hit my car and is taking the case to court - what will happen?

Last year I was coming out of a parking space as a car came round the corner. Thankfully, I braked (was only doing 1mph/2mph) and the cars did not touch but I was in shock as it was the closest I have been to an accident. The lady got out of her car, as did I. We both agreed it was close. She saw that I was pregnant and asked for my name, which I gave her. She said her granddaughter was pregnant too and could she have my mobile number to give me a call later because I looked shocked. I gave her my number and never heard anymore until I got a phonecall from my insurance to say I had been in an accident, damaged her car and she is claiming whiplash. I took my car to my insurance company's garage and obviously there is no marks or dents but now the lady is taking it to court. What do you reckon will happen?

Asked on 19 February 2017 by DANIELLE MCALLISTER

Answered by Honest John
Let it go to court and in court challenge the moneygrabber to prove that there was an actual impact and if it there was, it was your fault. Point out to the woman that the penalty for perjury in court could be 6 months in prison. Have a lot of photos of your car to hand to prove there has been no damage and it may even pay to arm yourself with a report from a bodyshop that your car has never been damaged.
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