Why is there a crackdown on diesel cars when petrol emits just as much CO2 emissions?

Petrol gives 19.64lbs of CO2 per gallon, diesel 22.38lbs. For example, my diesel Volvo V70 does at least 40mpg, so 40 miles gives 22.38lbs. However, a petrol model doing 35mpg will use 14 per cent more fuel, so for 40 miles will also give 22.38lbs. Why the crackdown on diesel, especially when you consider the diesel car engine will actually last longer and therefore cost less in emissions to replace?

Asked on 20 February 2017 by kip waistell

Answered by Honest John
Because the issue is no longer about CO2 alone. It's about CO2 and NOx. Particularly NOx.
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