Should I sell my six year old Volvo XC60 and buy a petrol replacement?

I am seriously concerned with all this talk about a diesel backlash coming from the government and motoring press. I have a six year old Volvo XC60 and I'm really worried that it could be heavily devalued and almost unsaleable if any stringent measures are applied to diesel car owners in the autumn Budget. Should I jump ship to a petrol car now and realise the Volvo's current value or do you think the whole diesel issue is being blown out of proportion and that us diesel owners are safe to hang onto our cars?

Asked on 22 March 2017 by paul coleman-nye

Answered by Honest John
There has been no alternative engine for SUVs this size until comparatively recently. The government cannot suddenly ban them all out of hand or hit them with extra taxes. The huge costs of maintaining the emissions equipment alone is tax enough.
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