What's the best small automatic SUV/crossover for driving in snow?

Me and my wife are a young couple (28 years old) and we're after a new car. We would prefer a fun but very reliable SUV/crossover with sufficient power to go off-road. We live in the Balkans and had very harsh winter with temperatures below -20c with snow so we need a petrol 4WD, probably automatic as I broke my knee when I was young so the clutch in rush hour is a problem for me. What is your opinion on the Mazda CX-3? Do you have some other suggestions we should consider?

Asked on 14 January 2017 by Bosnia_Fan

Answered by Honest John
The cheapest answer if you can bring yourself to change gear is the Dacia Duster 1.2 TCe 125 4WD, which is actually a very good, very honest car and comes with five full sized mud and snow tyres: www.honestjohn.co.uk/road-tests/dacia/dacia-duster.../ But, of course, a Mazda CX-3 is altogether more stylish and is available with the Skyactiv G 2.- 150PS engine, 4WD and Mazda's excellent 6-speed torque converter auto. Two other possibilities are the KIA Sportage 1.6 T GDI 4WD manual or DCT and the Hyundai Tucson with the same drivetrain: www.honestjohn.co.uk/road-tests/kia/kia-sportage-2.../
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