Do you have any advice for my first car on a budget?

I am 30 years old and passed my driving test in December. I want to get on the road as cheaply as possible for the next 12 months. The car will only be used socially; mostly at weekends driving a few miles around town. My main focus is cost - finding something as cheap as possible which will last the 12 months I plan to have it. I'm currently approaching used car dealers but any advice on things to watch out for, models to look at, or general advice would be really helpful.

Asked on 14 January 2017 by Louis

Answered by Honest John
At this level a dealer will have a huge margin in a car. For example, he may be offering a car he bought for £200 for £1,200. So better to buy privately as long as it is genuinely privately and the vendor has owned the car for a long time. Look at Toyota Yaris Mk 1, Nissan Micra K11. Avoid Polos.
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