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Should Volkswagen contribute to repairing an air conditioning hose fault on my 2007 California camper?

I have a 2007 Volkswagen California camper with 27,000 miles on the clock which went out of warranty on 22 July. An air conditioning hose has split which is going to cost around £700 to replace, because the whole front of the vehicle needs to be taken off for access along with the main radiator. Having looked at the design, the hose is held in place midway along its length by a metal ring on a 'stick'. The ring is in constant contact with the hose, hence it's worn through. The mechanic who looked at it at the dealership agreed that in another 27,000 miles the same thing will happen again. Volkswagen have offered to contribute 50 per cent of the cost - should I hold out for the full amount or settle?

Asked on 5 August 2010 by ileskye

Answered by Honest John
Since the vehicle is only just out of warranty and the wear that caused the fault obviously occurred within warranty, Volkswagen and the supplying dealer should jointly repair this free of charge (and probably will if you push).
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