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Why does my Maserati Ghibli have a steering judder problem?

My Maserati Ghibli has a wheel judder issue when turning on hard lock. I read about the wheel judder on some Mercedes-Benz models also doing this. I have asked Maserati about this but they say it is quite normal and not to worry - but I do worry - it does not seem right! The manufacturers warranty is due to expire in a week so should I insist on a check before the warranty expires?

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If it happens on 3/4 lock there's a problem. If it only happens on full lock then the reason is that to give the car an acceptable turning radius the lock stops have been set too ambitiously. You can have the lock stops altered, but the result will be a greater turning circle. The Mercedes-Benz C43 and GLC problem is that it crabs well before full lock is applied.
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