Mercedes-Benz won't acknowledge wheel judder problem on the GLC - what do I do?

I picked up my Mercedes-Benz GLC43 on 9 November following a test drive of the GLC250d in early September and 3 happy years of owning an GL350d. The following day I received a call from my sales adviser to see whether everything is okay, I mentioned the tyre skipping or crabbing when getting onto and off our drive way. The dealer was good, they got me into contact with one of their technicians and we spoke on the phone. But ultimately I needed to take it in and so they could take a look. Last week, 30 December, I finally had some time to take it in and was surprised to learn that their attitude had changed. They were no longer interested in taking a look. They immediately said it is normal and that all 4x4's and cars do that when the temperatures drop. However, no other 4x4 cars I owned have done this.

I love this car but this is just embarrassing to drive, it does it all the time and now also does it a low speed turn into our road, or going around a roundabout. The sales team response was that it was normal and they confirm their GLC250d does it as well, but none of their customers complain about it; it is just me who thinks it is unacceptable. They will present the matter to Mercedes-Benz this week they say, but having seen some of the stock responses I'm not holding my breath for a satisfactory response. I noted that you have recorded this as an issue many times now for this car, what do you think my options are? Ideally, I want a permanent fix; I'm concerned about premature tyre wear. I don't fancy storing an additional set of 21-inch wheels and tyres to swap them around each time the weather changes, besides isn't that just masking the issue rather than fixing it. As you know a 4 wheel alignment with air suspension can be a very expensive procedure to perform but Mercedes-Benz just doesn't want to know.

If they can't fix it, would my only option left to be to reject it?

Asked on 12 January 2017 by Mr. J de Jong

Answered by Honest John
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