Where do I stand if I have been unknowingly driving without a licence and insurance?

A few months back I was driving my son's car. We parked and when we came back someone was just about to put a note on to say someone else had hit it. Minor damage to the car but as he's a student we wanted to ask via the police if they would pay for repairs. Police took it up, spoke with him - no recollection. After they took my statement he asked for my licence because DVLA say it's been revoked. Total shock to me as I didn't know anything about it. He said it could be an error, as in date. They called back tonight to tell me it was a speeding issue in May 2013! Effectively I have been driving with no licence and possibly no insurance. To top it off he told me at the time of the bump my son's MOT had expired. It's now Wednesday night between Christmas and new year, he's advised me to contact DVLA and a solicitor. DVLA and local solicitors are all currently on a break!! I've never been in trouble with the police or had a proper bump while driving and I really would like to know where I stand.

Asked on 29 December 2016 by mum of 3

Answered by Honest John
The police seem to be treating your licence as if it has been an administrative error, but you need to take their advice. If you know you could not have been speeding so fast you'd have lost your licence or would have 'totted up' on the day in question then you can relax then contact DVLA after the holiday and only a solicitor if necessary. Not such good news about the expired MoT, though. That was an offence. The police may show discretion, but could do your son for it. 3 points and a relatively small fine.
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